The Controversial Controversy of da Vinci versus da Peasant.

On Tuesday I went to D.C. and took this picture:


And it really bugged me because those silly scientists stuck a human being, who is created in the image of God, in the same exhibit as monkeys, which are created in the image of…well, a monkey.

You are welcome to comment what you believe and why, and we can have a discussion. I can’t claim to be an expert on the subject, so don’t call me ignorant or start bombarding me with facts and statistics and scientific or religious reasons why I’m wrong. This is just what I have come to believe over the years of reading the Bible, and learning about evolution in science courses.

I think evolution is a thing. It explains a lot, and some of it makes sense, and it can be observed on a small scale.  I don’t think it explains everything, nor is 100% accurate. Not even 0% in some of its claims.

I also believe that God created. He made everything, and things work the way they do because he made it that way. I don’t get it, neither to many of the super smart scientists even if they think they do, and that’s okay as far as I’m concerned.  But what I do know is a) there is design and order in the universe even when it seems random and b) God created Man in his own image and that sets us humans apart from other animals.

What concerns me most about the Evolutionary Theory is that degrades humans by saying that we evolved from apes. It’s like looking at a masterpiece and saying, “Naw; this wasn’t painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Some peasant fell and accidentally splashed paint on a canvas and this is what came out. Oops!  We could probably use it to mop up this dirt here.” scrubs the floor with Mona Lisa’s face.


 (she doesn’t have a face now so I used Mr. Beans’ instead)

So this is what I believe. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you agree, disagree, have something to add? Comment away!

P.S. da Vinci stands for the Creator, and da Peasant stands for random chance. This is by no means a derogatory statement about peasants. (actually, it probably is but whatevs.)