Photobooth Fun

My parents and I made a photobooth for our family reunion. Here are the results of that! (Disclaimer: These photos were taken by my cousin, Shelly Mohr.)


This is me being a stuck up rich person who loves green balloons.


My mum and me. Aren’t we cute?!


Little bro photo-bombed the photo-booth.


My dad, my sister, and myself.


Dad looks like a Scottish man. Oh wait; he IS a Scottish man!


My favorite by far: a photo of the siblings. This pretty much sums us up rather accurately!

That was a fun time!

More on the family reunion to come!




Lakes are lovely.  During my family reunion we had a picnic lunch at Aitch, which is a boat launch and fishing dock at Raystown Lake. I took several beautiful pictures that can’t do the place justice. These are all unedited. Enjoy!









There will be more about the reunion at a later date.  All I’ll say for now is that it was really fun.


You Look Like a Llama!

“You look like a coffee-drinking llama!” said my sister to me. Um, thanks? I think…

Yesterday at my family reunion, my aunt brought out a plastic bag full of Honduran souvenirs to give away. I spotted the poncho, said, “Whoa! A Poncho!” and tried it on. It is so soft and pink and it fits me so nice. Mum said I could keep it so I did.


This is me attempting to get the perfect poncho-selfie angle but only succeeding in making my forehead look ginormous.


I’m still not sure why I look like a llama though… I mean, I guess I’m wearing a poncho probably made of llama or alpaca wool.  Maybe a I could be a llama herder when I grow up!?


Speaking of llamas, I used to own one. His name was Oreo and he was black and white and very tall. At first, he was super cool and gave us little kisses when we put our face near him. We had a miniature donkey at the same time. His name was Brighty, and they were best friends. Brighty was very intelligent. He always watched us saddling up the horses, and decided that he wanted to saddle up Oreo. He found a tiny little rug thing and spent hours and days trying to get it onto Oreo’s back.

One day we came home to find a very self-satisfied little donkey and a very dejected looking llama. Bright had finally managed to get the thing onto Oreo. He was so proud of himself!

Unfortunately, Oreo grew up into an adult male llama and got dangerously dominant. He jumped on people!  The last straw happened one fateful day when my mum was leading him from the pasture to the barn. He charged her and knocked her down. She got a dislocated shoulder and still has problems with it to this day!

He also spit on me. I might have cried… 😦

So we sold Oreo and Brighty to a nativity scene.

That is the story of my llama.

And now I own a poncho.

What’s Up With World Cups and Mustaches

Photo of the day which is actually from yesterday…


All right folks, here is what has been happening in my sometimes boring life.

The things which occurred the day before yesterday:

  1. I watched the Chile vs. Brazil World Cup match. I was rooting for Chile because I’m going there in a month (!!!) but Brazil won (barely). This is unfortunate, but the good news is that Chile put up a really good fight! It was a fun game to watch for sure.

  2. Zach got a tattoo. I don’t have a picture of it, but he showed it to me and it looks awesome!!

  3. I was bored. The rest of the day was boring. Story of my life.


  1. I cut out mustaches for a photo-booth at my mum’s family reunion.

Here are some pictures of the gluing process:

DSCN1501  DSCN1502

Sassy Mustaches.



  1. I made brownies for my mum’s family reunion.

  2. I updated my “sexy words” document and it now encompasses almost six hundred words.

  3. Winston is cute.

Coming soon:

  1. My mum’s family reunion starts tomorrow and ends on Wednesday. My grandparents are celebrating their 60th anniversary!  Also, my mum has four sisters and three brothers and all of them are married and have at least four kids and some of those kids are married and have kids….Soooo my family reunions are quite large to say the least. 

  2. I’ll be visiting Zach and his family this weekend! I bought the train tickets yesterday. I’m excited!

  3. I’m gonna go to sleep in like ten minutes.

Here is a picture of the back of my head. Why? Well, because I can. Also because I was really proud of how this braid turned out. And not to mention the fact that I managed to get an almost non-blurry picture of the back of my head. It takes skillz peoples.


Goodnight y’all!