List of Buckets

My Bucket List

The things I want to do before I die in no particular order. I’ll add to it as I think of more.

Italicized is Completed. 


Travel the World

Go Camping 

Go to Italy

Run up the down escalator

Jump off a cliff into water

Dance in the Rain

Rock Climbing in the Rockies 

Learn how to produce music

Write a song

Fall off a Longboard 

Learn how to Longboard

Eat Mango in Haiti 

See Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Meet the Queen of England

Visit Niagara Falls 


Go Camping in the Rockies, preferably beside a mountain Lake

Ride a Horse 

Get lost in a foreign country

Handle raw chicken without being grossed out.

Get tumbled under by an Ocean wave

Read the Whole Bible from Genesis to Revelations in one Year

Spontaneously start driving and end up in California

Get buried in the sand

Write a letter to my future self

Live in the UK for a year

Learn how to Surf

Hike up a mountain

Visit the Egyptian Pyramids

Live in another country

Climb a tree

Go Whitewater Rafting

Get a Pixie Cut


Get a British accent

Dye my hair Red

Fall in Love

Go on Tour in a Band

Backpack through Europe

Run a 5K

Read the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on a rainy day whilst sitting on a window seat. Or inside of a wardrobe.

Write a book

Go Spelunking 

Learn five Languages

Yell “Inconscievable! He didn’t fall?” at the top of the Cliffs of Moher.

Move South asap

Go Christmas Caroling 

Get Married

Ride in a sailboat on the Mediterranean


Become a Chess Champion

Go knee boarding behind a Jet Ski 

Kayak down a Waterfall

Try foods from all over the world

Read the Harry Potter series 

Get a Tattoo

Run across the highlands of Scotland

Go Geocaching 

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Go to Chile

Sit on the edge of a cliff and imagine flying. 

Swim with Dolphins

Visit Seoul, South Korea

Tell people about Jesus

Get an actual Tan without burning

Quote Plato in Greece

Learn to play the Guitar

Stand under a Waterfall

Ride a horse along the beach

Learn how to use Chopsticks

Have Kids, Adopt Kids, Love Kids

Be a movie extra

Visit Washington D.C.

Learn how to Dance

See Twenty One Pilots in Concert

See and Meet Switchfoot in Concert

Pet a llama in Peru

Go Kayaking

Go Scuba Diving in the ocean

Visit Spain

Learn how to Knit

Settle Down somewhere Beautiful

Jump off a rope swing into a river in Honduras

Visit a Volcano

Learn how to play the Piano

Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Break a bone 

Visit Germany

Pet a Wild Lion and live to tell the tale

Become a Pun Pro


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