The Beauty of Viña

The university gave us “gringos” a tour of the city. I took a lot of photos because it is beautiful here and I like photographing beautifulness. I also met a lot of the other U.S. students and they all seem quite nice. I’m looking forward to making more friends from all over the world these next four months.

The mist over the ocean hides the city line and the sun on the water sparkles like fluid glass. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful that no picture could ever capture it. But I did my best.



  As the day wore on, the sky grew clearer and the water turned deep aqua-blue.

DSCN2748 DSCN2724

The pelicans look like creepy statues.

DSCN2750  DSCN2739


A group of six or seven dogs followed our group around the city. I think that their herding instincts kicked in because they “protected” us from the other pedestrians and the cars! It was really cute.

DSCN2688 DSCN2788

This dog (in the picture below) is so pretty. I named her Annabelle because it’s the second name that I thought of. The first was Maria but that reminded me too much of the sound of music. Annabelle followed us everywhere! She barked at the “bad guys” (meaning people who weren’t part of our group. She knew somehow!) and also tried to hunt the birds haha! I really wanted to keep her but Dad said no. Sadness.

The weird structure in the other picture is an outdoors music stage! It’s huge and really awesome.

DSCN2777 DSCN2811


DSCN2794 DSCN2782

DSCN2761 DSCN2765

After we toured the city I had lunch with my host family. Paty has a dog named Ron and he turned fourteen yesterday so she threw him a legit birthday party! She invited all of her friends and we ate grilled chicken, rice, corn, and salad. There was wine too and the guests kept calling for a toast for little Ron! It was hilarious. Then they brought out a cake and sang happy birthday and then THEN they had presents for that tiny dog. He received three bottles of shampoo, a bowl with his face on it, and so much dog food. I didn’t get any pictures of the party but I captured this view from the balcony shortly before the party started.


That evening, Tristan and I ventured down to the coast to get pictures of the sunset. We ran into a festival of some sort! I’m not sure what it was for but the streets were lined with cars and people and dogs and horse-drawn carts. The air was filled with bubbles and the smell of cotton candy and cigarettes.


There were two mimes playing with the traffic. They would stop a car, then wave it on then jump in front of it and act outraged. One stopped a lady who was crossing the street and gave her a big bear hug. At one point, one mime tried to climb into a car with the driver and the other jumped onto the hood while the driver accelerated the car. The crowd was roaring with laughter!

There was also a living statue. He’s a soldier with shades haha.

DSCN2912 DSCN2899

I got this silhouette photo of some students smoking next to a couple taking a selfie. So great!

DSCN2855 DSCN2906

This is the sunset over the ocean. The clouds are pinker in real life. I need to get a better camera to be able to begin to capture the beauty of Chile.



Feeding Ducks

Last week my family went to Bellefonte and we fed the ducks.



Ducks are the cutest.




There was also a huge yellow fish! I tried to get a good picture of it, but it is very difficult to get a picture of something under the water from above the water.



This brave duck ate out of my hand!



 Selfie with the ducks!


Speaking of ducks, I used to own a duck. It’s name was Freddie. We thought Freddie was a boy until Freddie laid an egg. She was a cute Freddie duck. The end.



Today I went horseback riding for the second time this summer and it was epic. I rode bareback on Sweetheart who is a baby sort of. She’s actually like five years old but she acts like a baby cause she’s really high energy and inexperienced. I almost fell off because mum rode under a tree and the branch scraped her helmet and the sound scared Sweetie so she rared up and jumped five feet slantways. But I managed to stay on and I am quite proud of that fact.

Also Sweetie is beautiful.

You Look Like a Llama!

“You look like a coffee-drinking llama!” said my sister to me. Um, thanks? I think…

Yesterday at my family reunion, my aunt brought out a plastic bag full of Honduran souvenirs to give away. I spotted the poncho, said, “Whoa! A Poncho!” and tried it on. It is so soft and pink and it fits me so nice. Mum said I could keep it so I did.


This is me attempting to get the perfect poncho-selfie angle but only succeeding in making my forehead look ginormous.


I’m still not sure why I look like a llama though… I mean, I guess I’m wearing a poncho probably made of llama or alpaca wool.  Maybe a I could be a llama herder when I grow up!?


Speaking of llamas, I used to own one. His name was Oreo and he was black and white and very tall. At first, he was super cool and gave us little kisses when we put our face near him. We had a miniature donkey at the same time. His name was Brighty, and they were best friends. Brighty was very intelligent. He always watched us saddling up the horses, and decided that he wanted to saddle up Oreo. He found a tiny little rug thing and spent hours and days trying to get it onto Oreo’s back.

One day we came home to find a very self-satisfied little donkey and a very dejected looking llama. Bright had finally managed to get the thing onto Oreo. He was so proud of himself!

Unfortunately, Oreo grew up into an adult male llama and got dangerously dominant. He jumped on people!  The last straw happened one fateful day when my mum was leading him from the pasture to the barn. He charged her and knocked her down. She got a dislocated shoulder and still has problems with it to this day!

He also spit on me. I might have cried… 😦

So we sold Oreo and Brighty to a nativity scene.

That is the story of my llama.

And now I own a poncho.

Winston and Window.

It’s nap time for Winston, but he’s just so cute I can’t resist interrupting his slumbers with a photoshoot!

DSCN1394 edit1

Selfie with the kitty!

DSCN1399 edit

He woke up and started drinking water out of my owl mug.

DSCN1406 edit DSCN1409 edit

Then he discovered The Window.  It’s a rainy day, and the water droplets clung to the screen. Winston watched the birds and horses for an entire five minutes before he got distracted by my laptop power cord.

DSCN1423 edit

DSCN1421 edit

He’s literally the cutest cat ever. And he’s sort of dominating my blog so I hope all of my followers like kittens.

We Live in a Beautiful World

( ♪ yeah we do, yeah we do! ♫)

This is a picture post, in which I post pictures of things which are not posts. For example; Adventures with Random Rocks, Waterfalls, and Snakes. *See below for more info.


On Monday my family and I took a day trip to Trough Creek State Park.  There is a rock perched on top of the mountain, which looks as if it fell from the sky and landed on a dime. The view is spectacular.

It’s such a beautiful place!

Rainbow Waterfalls.


The falls are stunningly gorgeous and these photos cannot do them justice.


This place looks like something out of a fairy tale.


The way the water rushes down the rocks is purely magical.

We brought our dogs with us and they absolutely loved it!


This is Tabby. She is literally the cutest.


This is Duke. He loves water. Immediately after I took this photo, he laid down in the puddle and rolled in it. Thankfully it was clean mountain water and not mud! (He also loves mud.)

1 2

They both adore the water, so we threw sticks into the river for them to swim for. I managed to snap a photo of them both mid-shake!

3 4

“Throw the stick!!”



We figured we might as well take this opportunity to bathe the dogs, so we brought along soap and lathered them up.

This is Tabby’s resigned, “Since when did this turn into bath-time?” face.

We climbed to the very top of the mountain and found a rattlesnake. This is a picture of my sister standing victorious over the mountain, just before we found the rattlesnake.




And lastly, but not leastly, there are several beautiful photos for your enjoyment:


I have no idea what I did to the camera, but the longer you look at this picture, the more your head starts to hurt. You’re welcome!

This tree is a surprised cyclops

This tree is a surprised cyclops

Me making the same face as the tree...

Me making the same face as the tree…

P.A. state flower, Mountain Laurel

P.A. state flower, Mountain Laurel

The derp monster

The derp monster

Me making a derp face next to the derp rock.

Me making a derp face next to the derp rock.                 Also, my braid is being non-cooperative…

The Ice Mine is a hole in the rocks that traps in cold air. It was a blisteringly hot day, but when I climbed down into the pit, it felt like winter.

Trough Creek Drive leads to the river.


This is the crossroads; leading to two different points.

You can choose to freeze

Or you could walk beside the water.

That was a metaphor for something or other.  You can make of it what you will.