Cupcakes and Tea

Last night I came home and ate this.  I took a picture of it because it is beautiful, and WordPress just became instagram. Bam! Also, chocolate is life.



In Which Debs visits Zachary

I went to Lancaster to visit Zach and his family for the Forth of July. I rode a longboard for the first time (I was wearing a dress so that proves that I’m crazy) and I also fell off so I can check that off of my bucket list!

On the Forth we went hiking and got lost in a mountain, ate fries smothered in bacon and onions and cheese, and watched fireworks from Hershey.

I met Zach’s grandparents when we picnicked at his family’s motel business. They are really nice! Zach, his sister and dad, and I played on a nearby playground and later we ate slushies.

We also ate Sonic blast smoothies, watched Arrested Development and Parks & Recreation, went to church, and drank tea.

Sunday evening, Zach, Zach’s mom and sister, and I went mini golfing! It was super fun. I won cause I got the highest score.    …

I forgot to take pictures, and the one time that I brought my camera with me I left it in the car. So I only have a few pictures from that car ride. Here is one of a sunset that Zach took coming back from mini golfing. It was spectacular.


I also got a picture of Zach on the way back from mini golfing.  He’s really handsome 🙂


And that was my very awesome weekend.

Things to Do When Bored: Tea

Set up shop on the side of a busy street and offer to read tea leaves for people. When someone stops, look into the cup and tell the dude that that the tea says, “IT is going to happen. The Thing you’ve been dreading is approaching. It is nearly upon you. The only way to evade it is to pay this wise sage $50.” See how many people fall for it.

(Disclaimer – give their money back. I do not endorse stealing from people. I do, however, endorse laughing at people’s stupidity. So feel free to laugh obnoxiously in their face as you hand their money back.) 

In which Zachary visits Debs.

This weekend was awesome because Zach came to visit!


We climbed a mountain. The view from the top was amazing, especially since everything is a million times more beautiful when you’re sitting next to your favorite person. Climbing mountains is fun but I’m really sore now cause I’m laughably out of shape.

We pet Winston and made purfect puns about kittens until I made a really lame pun and Zach said, “You’ve got to be kitten me!” and thus won the pun war. We ate homemade pizza for dinner and made cheesy puns about pizza.

I ate Chipotle for the first time and I rate it a 9 out of 10 because it was amazing. The only thing to beat it is my mom’s cooking.

Zach loves tea. Tea is his favorite thing. He’s a crazy tea person. So I took him to a tea bar and gift shop called the Tea Merchant which mom and I discovered several weeks ago tucked away behind some random Sheetz. It was delicious.

We decided to bake a pie but we went horseback riding instead. It was Zach’s first time ever riding a horse and he did amazing considering the fact that we were both riding bareback. He kept saying, “I feel like I’m in a movie!”  I haven’t ridden in over a year because I’m allergic to my favorite animal. It sucks. So it was so nice to have an excuse to force myself to ride cause I really do love it!

Sunday (today) we ate a delectable breakfast at Cracker Barrel and afterwards we swung on the swings in the park like little children.


Here is a picture of us being children.

 Then, at 2:30 in the p.m., the Zachary to returned to his homeland. I miss him already.

So I pretty much can’t remember anything else that happened last week. Stay tuned next Saturday to hear about D.C. and camping! Cause that’s the plan. Stan. Hopefully it all works out.