If Andy Dwyer Quotes Were Motivational Posters

If Andy Dwyer Quotes Were Motivational Posters.

Hello Friends, I thought this was funny so I decided to share it with you. If you didn’t know, Andy Dwyer is a character from the TV show, Parks and Rec, and he is hilariously clueless.

Click on the link to see more! I want some of these posters in my room now.

Also, you can expect a new blog update about Valparaíso very soon.



Word of the Day – Quiescent

1. in a state or period of inactivity or dormancy.
I am procrastinating sleep and I’m tired so my brain has entered a state of quiescence. Thus I cannot think of a funny or witty way to put this word into a sentence. 

Things to Do When Bored: Tea

Set up shop on the side of a busy street and offer to read tea leaves for people. When someone stops, look into the cup and tell the dude that that the tea says, “IT is going to happen. The Thing you’ve been dreading is approaching. It is nearly upon you. The only way to evade it is to pay this wise sage $50.” See how many people fall for it.

(Disclaimer – give their money back. I do not endorse stealing from people. I do, however, endorse laughing at people’s stupidity. So feel free to laugh obnoxiously in their face as you hand their money back.)