Winston and Window.

It’s nap time for Winston, but he’s just so cute I can’t resist interrupting his slumbers with a photoshoot!

DSCN1394 edit1

Selfie with the kitty!

DSCN1399 edit

He woke up and started drinking water out of my owl mug.

DSCN1406 edit DSCN1409 edit

Then he discovered The Window.  It’s a rainy day, and the water droplets clung to the screen. Winston watched the birds and horses for an entire five minutes before he got distracted by my laptop power cord.

DSCN1423 edit

DSCN1421 edit

He’s literally the cutest cat ever. And he’s sort of dominating my blog so I hope all of my followers like kittens.


Of Cats and Laundry Bags.

 Winston loves this thing.


The green thing is my sister’s laundry bag hamper thing whatever it’s called. I put Winston in it just to see what he would do. He looked up at me and then pounced at the button things at the bottom. He soon figured out that if he jumped up, his weight would knock it over. Then he discovered that it rolls when he walks around inside of it. And it makes cool noises when he scratches it! Best new toy ever!



he also loves to torment Tater.


He is so photogenic.

DSCN1341   DSCN1338


Winston hid under my guitar stand and watched Tater, poised to pounce, and Tater glared at him, tail twitching irritably. “I dare you.”


Pretty kitty. He’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!

Are they not just so freakin cute?

I also love to post pictures of my pets. I hope y’all don’t mind cause I sure don’t! 😉

First Post

One of my goals for the summer is to start a blog. So here goes…

I have lots of ideas for this blog and I couldn’t decide on one niche to focus on so I’m just going to write about what ever the heck tickles my fancy and y’all can deal. I love a lot of things and I wonder about many more things and I am passionate about things and things are cool and vague too. So keep reading to discover what, exactly, these “things” are! This is why I called my blog “Aesthetic Eclecticism.” It will consist of a broad spectrum of beautiful things ranging anywhere from music recommendations to adorable pictures of my kitten to deep musings about life and love and why.

The first “thing” that I want to tell you about is, perhaps, the beautiful-est and most important part of my life. I am known and loved by the God of the universe in spite of how screwed up I am.

Secondly, listen to Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend.

Thirdly, check out this cat. His name is Tater. He’s a prince.