Mary, The British blokes, and the bridge.


I went to Santiago on Friday and Saturday at the beginning of October with other several exchange students from my campus. So here is the story of how I toured the presidential palace, met two stereotypical British blokes, visited the Virgin Mary, and climbed on top of a bridge.

We arrived in Santiago toured a museum of human rights. After that we toured the presidential palace. It was pretty awesome to see and learn about the history of the building and they types of things that happen inside.

Around 5 we checked into our hostels. We were told to meet again at 6:45. However, Jaime changed the plans and didn’t tell everyone! So six of us wandered around trying to find where everyone else was. We were told to go across the “only bridge in Santiago.” bull shit! There were like six of them that we saw in our wanderings! At any rate, we ended up at the wrong bridge, three times, before we finally found Jaime. One of the bridges was a traffic bridge with an arch over it and we saw some Chilean kids climbing on top of it. Of course, we climbed up it too! I was terrified but it gave me a nice adrenaline rush and a fun story to tell!

The first picture below is the metro station. The second picture below was taken from atop a bridge by Amos the Korean.

 DSCN4411 crazy

That night after we found Jaime, we went to several bars and ate food and drank beer. Four or five of the girls were set on finding a club to dance at, but at midnight we were “too early” to find anything that already had a lot of people. So we wandered around for forever until several of us got fed up and decided to drink a beer and then go back to the hostels to sleep. I was totally fine with that plan of action!

The next day, Jaime was really sick. Apparently he had been sick all along and didn’t tell anyone, which explains why he was so out of it and unorganized. I felt bad for being mad at him :/ Poor guy. Anyways, he turned over the tour to one of the older students. She took us to see the statue of the Virgin Mary.


The Virgin Mary and the view.

DSCN4468 DSCN4463

Below is a statue of Christ on the cross. It was interesting that his statue was located lower down on the hill than his mother’s statue.


My selfie got photobombed by Tristan and Josiah.

DSCN4457 DSCN4493

This was a mural on a wall in Santiago.


The hostel that Tris, David, and I stayed at was called Hostal Providencia. My first hostel experience was a really nice and memorable one! We stayed in a mixed six person dorm room and met two blokes from Britain. We talked to them for maybe an hour while waiting to meet up with the rest of our group. There names are Richard and Tom, I believe, and they met in Rio for the World Cup and then decided to travel South America together. Apparently they were stuck in Santiago because Tom got robbed and was waiting for a new bank card. This was unfortunate for them, but awesome for us because they were hilarious! They said the most stereotypical British words and phrases such as, “This little bag has a handle! Huzzah!”,  “She said they were woman’s trousers…do these look like women’s trousers to you?”, and “He brought out sushi which was involved with the salmon,” and other such things.

That night Tris, David, and I came in around 2am. Tom was still awake reading in bed, and Richard was still out partying. The sixth bed was occupied with an unknown occupant who was already asleep. So we tiptoed around and went to bed.

At 5:30am Richard came back and woke us all up. We had a lovely conversation with the obviously drunk Richard. Suddenly he turned around and saw the unknown guy in the sixth bunk. He marched over to the bed, bent down to peer into the bottom bunk, and loudly inquired, “Who is this lump?!”  We all died laughing.

The second picture is of a festival that we went to before taking the bus home. There was a lot of dancing involved.

DSCN4568 DSCN4519

I found los Estados Unidos (The United States) in Santiago! No one told me about that shortcut! I guess that means I need a refund on my return airplane ticket cause I can just take a bus. ?


This was the last picture on my camera from the Santiago trip. It sounded like Peruvian music, which I really love.


The bus ride home was interesting.  Now I laugh about it, but at the time it was awful. I wasn’t feeling good so I was super angry about the whole situation.  There wasn’t a bus until like an hour after we got to the station. So we sat around bored as frick for an hour. Then. THEN we unknowingly got on the wrong bus! It was the 5:05 bus instead of the 5:15 bus. They checked our tickets but still let us get on, of course. We rode that bus for around 20 minutes before they realized their mistake so they took us to another station and made us change buses. That process took about twenty minutes and we all felt really embarrassed. The Chileans were looking at us like, “haha look at those stupid gringos they got on the wrong bus!” Anyways. It was an adventure and we eventually got home.

So that was my Santiago adventure.


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