Ziplining in Peru

The last day in Cusco we went Zip-lining.  I flew over the mountains of Peru and met some Quechua people.  My dad’s parents were missionaries to the Quechua people and translated the Bible into their language so my dad grew up with them and was even named after their chief, Tariri. I’ve always wanted to meet those people, and I finally did! There were four guys running the zip-line, and they were talking together. At first, we assumed it was Spanish, but after a moment or two we realized we couldn’t understand it at all. Tristan asked what they were speaking and they said Quechua. I was so happy! Also, the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful.


There were four zip-lines. The last two were longer and awesomer!


We met these two adorable little kids. They were the children of a farmer who was ploughing the field behind us and knew the zip-line people somehow. So cute. The little girl had her shoes on the wrong feet so Tristan switched them out haha.



I flew like superman over the valley! It was the closest I’ve ever been to flying.


I realized that although the town was incredibly poor monetarily, these people were rich because of the breathtaking beauty that surrounded them. I would give anything to have grown up in a place as beautiful as that.


Here we are posing with the mountains in the background. Jihoon is being a goof as always 🙂 We all stylin’ with our hard hats and harnesses!


Disclaimer: These photographs were taken with Tristan’s camera by one of the Quechua guys. So they are not mine.

So that’s the end of our Zip-lining adventure. It was a fun time, and the beauty of the land was food for my soul.

Soon I will post about Machu Picchu and Adventures in Peru and the last few weeks in Chile.



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