Horcón and those pesky silent “H’s”

Horcón is pronounced, “Orcone,” and so that is how I spelled it when Rossy told me where we were going. It wasn’t until we arrived and I saw the name written on a sign that I realized my mistake. It’s a legitimate mistake in my defense! I’m a horrible speller even in English, let alone in Spanish with silent letters.

Anyways, Rossy, Manuel, and Bastial (my host…cousin?) ate at a seafood restaurant called El Ancla (The Anchor). I don’t typically like seafood, but this was quite good! I also tried a beer and didn’t like it. A cat walked across the roof next door and she looked just like my cat at home!


 The ocean was lovely, as always. It was very peaceful and the air smelled like salt.


I love everything about this picture. The excellence of it was an accident because all I thought at the time was “Oh my gosh that dog is so cute imma snap a picture of it.” But when I looked at it again on my laptop later that night, I realized that it was better than I could have hoped. There is a freakin adorable dog, barefoot people, a cute hand-holding couple, CONVERSE, and babies. Yeah. I captured like five perfect moments in one picture.


Rossy asked me if I wanted one and I said sure. The lady sat me down on a tiny chair and braided a trenza into my hair. She pulled out the scissors and I got worried but turns out she was just cutting the ends of the strings and not my hair thank God. Then she used a lighter to burn the ends of the strings and that made me nervous, especially when I started smelling burning hair… But in the end, I now have a thing in my hair and it looks pretty.



The streets are so very narrow! The buildings are old but colourful and they all have unique personalities. Cars going both ways on a one lane street squeeze precariously past each other with a earth wall on one side and parked cars and a steep drop to the beach on the other. The people walk weaving through the cars and not really caring if they almost get run into.  Dogs run through the traffic, barking at the cars and begging for food and attention.

Horcón is crazy, crowded, and colourful.


Rossy pulled me over to somewhere and told me to take pictures of the fishing boats so I did.


Also my hair looks randomly auburn in this photo! I’ve always wanted red hair!

DSCN3394Two hippies playing guitar and the recorder serenade a baby and her parents and a random dog on the beach.  Rossy and I listened for a little bit and as we walked away, Rossy turns and says/mimes to me, “Those two, they drink and they smoke weed!” I laughed. Yeah probably but they sure play beautiful music.


I love how the guitarist has a musical note on his shoulder.


Silhouettes by the ocean make for a perfect picture.


So that was my adventure for the day. Read The things which cannot be photographed to hear more about the parts of my day that I didn’t photograph.


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