New Home and Twenty One

So there is something important that this blog needs to know. I changed host families. I did this for several reasons but the main one is that Paty took me out to a restaurant with her friends. They all drank a lot and one of them drove us home. I felt unsafe and trapped cause it was my first night in the country and there was a majorly huge language barrier. I was really upset about it so I let some people know and they urged me to change host families. I did feel really bad about it though because Paty is so nice.

But it turned out to be for the better because my new host family is wonderful. I moved around 7pm so we drove up to a beautiful house with all the lights on, old Chilean music drifting through the open door, and honeysuckle vines on the gate and I had a really good feeling about it all before I even met the people or stepped inside. 


(I took that photo in the afternoon two days later so it’s not quite the scene that I described in the above paragraph..but you get the idea.)

My host family consists of an older couple named Manuel and Rosi. They are so sweet and welcoming. Rosi is tiny and talkative and she’s always busy with something or other. Manuel is really tall and soft spoken and he likes to sit in the corner of the living room and nap. They basically complete each other it’s really cute! They are also perfect for me to learn Spanish because Rosi talks to me and Manuel asks me questions and explains words that I don’t understand. 

Downstairs, the house is very Chilean. I need to take pictures of it some time because it’s really quaint and I love it! I don’t even know how to describe it. The kitchen, dinning room, and living room are all open to one another and it is very tastefully and eclectically decorated. It looks a little cluttered but cozy and it would be perfect if it was ten degrees warmer. They also have a dog! A little poodle named something that I always forget. She’s adorable. 

Also, my room is two or maybe even three times bigger than the closet I was in before, and I have a desk. The walls are green and it’s very cute. The first thing I did the next day was clean because there were dust bunnies behind the desk. It’s also very very cold in the house all the time but that seems to be universal all over Viña del Mar. Other than those unwelcome rabbits (which have been disposed of) and being half frozen constantly, the room is very pleasant. 

DSCN3334 DSCN2953

These pictures make the walls look Olive Green but it’s more of a Granny Smith Apple green in real life.  I like it a lot.  I also printed out pictures of my family and my Zach and taped them to the walls and it makes me happy. 

Okay story time. Yesterday was my twenty first birthday. I went to the Botanical Gardens with my three friends (See Chile’s Botanical Gardens). Then we bought alcohol to drink later in the evening (I got Pisco Mango) and didn’t get carded! Chile is weird. Also, we ate sooo much Mayonnaise with so much Completos (See Completos and Musical Families). Then we returned to our homes. At 7:30, Tristan, David, and Jihoon came over to my house for dinner and we had an excellent time! My host mom served us appetizers and then made us three kinds of pizza and I couldn’t eat it all cause I was still full from the Completo. We also drank some wine and Pisco Mango. 

We had some very interesting conversation because my host parents don’t speak English, Tristan David and I only speak a little Spanish, and Jihoon is Korean so he speaks zero Spanish and decent English. So no one knew what anyone was talking about so we mostly just laughed. 

It was a jolly good time! 

I’m looking forward to spending the next four months with these people. 


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