Chile’s Botanical Gardens

Yesterday, my friends and I went adventuring in Chile’s Botanical Gardens. Even in the wintertime, the place is beautiful! The trees are magnificent and the wildflowers exotic and colorful.


 This tree looks exactly like a gigantic pineapple.

DSCN3207 DSCN2996

David, Tristan, and Jihoon are awesome peoples who I have been hanging out with here in Chile. Here, they are walking to the gazebo and this photo looks like album art.



I balanced my little camera in a tree fork and set it on  self-destruct  10 second timer and then ran for my life to the tree cluster. It actually turned out pretty good!

DSCN3005  DSCN3022



Tristan and I climbed a tree! And I took a selfie.

DSCN3111 DSCN3114

Also, the trees are so very big. I wish a camera could capture how awesome these trees are but I guess you really have to be there to get it.

DSCN3176 DSCN3132


DSCN3302 DSCN3177

This is Charlie and Steve. I named them. Charlie met us when we got off the bus. He stepped onto the bus stairs when the door opened and we tripped over him as we piled out. Then he jumped, no he leapt, up on all of us! He was so happy to see is his whole body was wriggling with delight. He followed us for a little bit and then ran off after a bird.

A little while longer, Steve arrived. He jumped up and put his front paws on Tristan and just stood there for like three minutes. Then he followed us around until we ran into Charlie again! It turns out that they know each other! They play-fought for a while until they started getting mean about it and I yelled at them and they stopped. Also, coincidentally, Charlie is a girl!

 DSCN3292 DSCN3181


There is a lovely duck pond at the back of the Gardens. The ducks are so cute but it’s difficult to get a good picture of them because they move around so much!

DSCN3228 DSCN3241



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