The “Campoos” of Aldolfo Ibáñez

The University is situated halfway up a mountain overlooking the city and the ocean. The view is breathtaking. Also, about the title of this post; Chileans pronouns the English word, “campus” as “campoos” and it cracks me up every time!


The architecture of the campus is fascinating! It’s like a maze and sort of reminiscent of Hogwarts. I suspect that the ramps move around occasionally because it’s so easy to get lost in here. The first day of class my friend Tristan said, “But the ramps all slope up! How are we going to get back down?!?” I about died laughing and haven’t stopped teasing her about it yet haha!


There are little study corners like this throughout the building.


 These little windows with beautiful views are everywhere! It’s going to be difficult to study when I have this to look at all the time.


The camera cannot capture the depth and the details of this view. So take this picture and see how beautiful it is, and then multiply that times ten.



2 thoughts on “The “Campoos” of Aldolfo Ibáñez

  1. Deborah you are doing an amazing job capturing the beauty even with your little point and shoot camera! I’m so glad you are enjoying the beauty around you and thank you for sharing these pictures with us so that we can enjoy it too. Also I love reading about your experiences there and the things that make you laugh and the things that capture your interest. Thank you!

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