The Lake and Jumping off Cliffs

My family took a daycation to the lake and we rented a pontoon boat. The weather was a little cold but otherwise it was a beautiful and relaxing day.  These photos are either mine or my mum’s. All editing was done by yours truly.


DSCN2249small DSCN2201small


I jumped off a cliff. Standing on the edge was terrifying. I looked down at the water fifteen feet below and it seemed much further than that. Every cell in my body was screaming at my brain, “Don’t you even dare! Nope nope nope, you will die!” But my silly reckless brain said, “but it’ll be fun!” and so I jumped. And it was fun. Check that off my bucket list! Apparently I unconsciously covered my nose and my eyes the first time I jumped! haha!

My dad was insaneeee and jumped from the 30 foot cliff. Twice.  I was a little less insane and jumped from the 15 foot cliff three times and a ten foot cliff twice. After the first time it wasn’t quite as intense but it was certainly still terrifying to say the least!

 Untitledsmall Untitledgsmall

Here is a post cliff-jumping selfie that I took after jumping from the cliff.  We also brought Duke along and he had a great time! He really loves to swim.

bestsmall DSCN2199small


I was so cold. This is my “I’m so cold,” face.  Mum also got a picture of me wrapped in a blanket because I was so cold.

DSCN2220small DSCN3871small


At the dock there were a gazillion disgusting cod fish and they were gross. Rachel is trying to touch one in this picture.



It was Rachel’s birthday so we had cupcakes and she opened some of her presents on the boat.

DSCN2236small DSCN2240small


The lake is so relaxing. Rachel and I went out on a raft and tube to tan and nap. Lucas decided to wear a life vest as pants cause he’s a ridiculous goof. !!

DSCN3876small DSCN3881small

Dad skied and he’s really good! Lucas or Rachel (I forget who) got some really great pictures of him. They look professional or something.


DSCN3925small DSCN3929small

The siblings took turns riding behind the boat on the inner tube. It was a blast! These are pictures of my youngest brother, Jonathan, and myself.

DSCN3859small DSCN3904small


We live in a beautiful world.


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