The Antique Store Which Never Ends


In Bellefonte there is an antique store that never ends. Inside are rooms upon sideways rooms and several floors with creaking staircases filled with ancient treasures such as old records, dishes, and Jacob’s ladder. The place is both creepy and awesome. The floors and walls are crooked and every step makes the floor sigh and screech in protest. I chance across an old keyboard and snap a picture. I wish now that I had taken more pictures because the place is fascinating.

I walk through the rooms, browsing the old records until I remember that I don’t own a record player. Suddenly I realize my siblings have disappeared so I set off in search of them.

Old dusty shelves and tables are covered all the things people no longer treasure but hope that someone else will. Glass and china dishes, antique books, broken dolls, old decor, naked mannequins, and a cracked guitar are abandoned in the warehouse that never ends. One cannot help but wonder where all these objects have been before this antique store.  It gives me the chills and suddenly everything has a life and an old sad story. I would hate to be stuck in this place after closing time.

Somehow I end up back where I started. Mum is examining the dishes. She is like a child in a candy store, calling us to look at this or that and trying to decide if she should buy the tiny glass creamer jar to match the sugar bowl that she has at home. We go down a level and find a cute blue type writer. Rachel writes a story on it and I ask mum to buy it for me but it’s super expensive.

Suddenly the lights dim and we figure it must be closing time. We head for the room’s exit and mum stops to ask some random hipster browsing through the records if we should pay here or upstairs. He looks momentarily confused and Rachel exclaims that he’s just a shopper! Mum is embarrassed and everyone laughs. Hipster tells her that he is indeed a customer but yeah, you pay upstairs.

Mum remarks that they could film a horror movie in here and the cashier agrees.  She tells us about the ghosts that go down into the basement and wait for the lights to go out. Yikes! Mum pays and we leave. When we step into the sunshine it seems as if I walked out of a dream because that place just feels so unreal.

People, go antiquing.


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