What’s Up With World Cups and Mustaches

Photo of the day which is actually from yesterday…


All right folks, here is what has been happening in my sometimes boring life.

The things which occurred the day before yesterday:

  1. I watched the Chile vs. Brazil World Cup match. I was rooting for Chile because I’m going there in a month (!!!) but Brazil won (barely). This is unfortunate, but the good news is that Chile put up a really good fight! It was a fun game to watch for sure.

  2. Zach got a tattoo. I don’t have a picture of it, but he showed it to me and it looks awesome!!

  3. I was bored. The rest of the day was boring. Story of my life.


  1. I cut out mustaches for a photo-booth at my mum’s family reunion.

Here are some pictures of the gluing process:

DSCN1501  DSCN1502

Sassy Mustaches.



  1. I made brownies for my mum’s family reunion.

  2. I updated my “sexy words” document and it now encompasses almost six hundred words.

  3. Winston is cute.

Coming soon:

  1. My mum’s family reunion starts tomorrow and ends on Wednesday. My grandparents are celebrating their 60th anniversary!  Also, my mum has four sisters and three brothers and all of them are married and have at least four kids and some of those kids are married and have kids….Soooo my family reunions are quite large to say the least. 

  2. I’ll be visiting Zach and his family this weekend! I bought the train tickets yesterday. I’m excited!

  3. I’m gonna go to sleep in like ten minutes.

Here is a picture of the back of my head. Why? Well, because I can. Also because I was really proud of how this braid turned out. And not to mention the fact that I managed to get an almost non-blurry picture of the back of my head. It takes skillz peoples.


Goodnight y’all!



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