We Live in a Beautiful World

( ♪ yeah we do, yeah we do! ♫)

This is a picture post, in which I post pictures of things which are not posts. For example; Adventures with Random Rocks, Waterfalls, and Snakes. *See below for more info.


On Monday my family and I took a day trip to Trough Creek State Park.  There is a rock perched on top of the mountain, which looks as if it fell from the sky and landed on a dime. The view is spectacular.

It’s such a beautiful place!

Rainbow Waterfalls.


The falls are stunningly gorgeous and these photos cannot do them justice.


This place looks like something out of a fairy tale.


The way the water rushes down the rocks is purely magical.

We brought our dogs with us and they absolutely loved it!


This is Tabby. She is literally the cutest.


This is Duke. He loves water. Immediately after I took this photo, he laid down in the puddle and rolled in it. Thankfully it was clean mountain water and not mud! (He also loves mud.)

1 2

They both adore the water, so we threw sticks into the river for them to swim for. I managed to snap a photo of them both mid-shake!

3 4

“Throw the stick!!”



We figured we might as well take this opportunity to bathe the dogs, so we brought along soap and lathered them up.

This is Tabby’s resigned, “Since when did this turn into bath-time?” face.

We climbed to the very top of the mountain and found a rattlesnake. This is a picture of my sister standing victorious over the mountain, just before we found the rattlesnake.




And lastly, but not leastly, there are several beautiful photos for your enjoyment:


I have no idea what I did to the camera, but the longer you look at this picture, the more your head starts to hurt. You’re welcome!

This tree is a surprised cyclops

This tree is a surprised cyclops

Me making the same face as the tree...

Me making the same face as the tree…

P.A. state flower, Mountain Laurel

P.A. state flower, Mountain Laurel

The derp monster

The derp monster

Me making a derp face next to the derp rock.

Me making a derp face next to the derp rock.                 Also, my braid is being non-cooperative…

The Ice Mine is a hole in the rocks that traps in cold air. It was a blisteringly hot day, but when I climbed down into the pit, it felt like winter.

Trough Creek Drive leads to the river.


This is the crossroads; leading to two different points.

You can choose to freeze

Or you could walk beside the water.

That was a metaphor for something or other.  You can make of it what you will.


7 thoughts on “We Live in a Beautiful World

    • Good point. I guess we figured it would dilute and wash away harmless. We only used a little soap, like maybe two or three handfuls for each dog. Usually we bathe them in the yard so it would get in the grass anyways.
      I noticed that you’re an environmental blog. Do you know what the negative effects of that would be? That way we could avoid it in the future if necessary.
      Also, I really like the photography in your blog!
      ~ debs

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