The Capital of the USA; Home to Dead Mammals, Mummies, and Rocks.

Yes, I know I said that I would tell you about my trip to D.C. on Saturday. Well, here it two days late.

I’ve been to D.C. several times in my life for school field trips and family vacations and every time I am amazed at how much there is to see and to do!

This time I took pictures of my favorite things so there will be a lot in this post.

Here is a picture of the elephant in the room.

Here is a picture of the elephant in the room.

On Tuesday, we got up at 5:30 in the a.m. so we could leave by 6:30. We managed to make it out the door by 7:10. Story of my life!  I read Dante’s Inferno, listened to Grouplove and Hellogoodbye, and slept on the drive down.

We got to D.C. around 10 and drove around for quite some time looking for a place to park. We finally found a sketchy garage that made us leave our keys in the car. But apparently that’s a thing cause it didn’t seem to faze my parents. (?)

At any rate, I quickly discovered that I made a huge mistake in wearing jeans instead of shorts. It was beautifully hot and humid and my legs were screaming for some air within five minutes of walking.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this kind of weather, but I definitely didn’t dress for it.

At one point we had to wait in the security check line for nearly half an hour in the blazing sun. Finally, when we all thought we could take it no longer, the breeze blew the American flag over us and it sheltered us from the sun. We all shouted, “Thank you America!”


‘Merica. I love how the sun shines through as a star on the flag.

The dead animals were very dead…and cute.


DSCN1181  DSCN1194

This fox creature thing is adorable and also the porcupine is majestic.

DSCN1232    DSCN1261

There’s a whale on the ceiling. It’s very distracting.  They also had an insect zoo, which was mostly gross, but they did have live bees and spiders.  o.O

DSCN1250   DSCN1254   DSCN1264

After looking at the dead mammals and live insects, we went to lunch. I met up with two of my good friends from college who live in the D.C. area and ate at Potbelly Sandwiches in Union Station. Twas delicious! And it was so nice to see those girls. Kayla had work after lunch, but Melissa joined my family in touring her city. She saved our butts actually!

Here’s the story:  My parents decided to ride the Metro back to the Mall. We basically followed Melissa and were thoroughly confused the entire time. Without her, we would have been hopelessly lost.  Also, the doors on those things (trains?) close super quickly! My mum and dad got left behind!  It was okay in the end though, because they just got on the next train.

When we got back to the Mall we walked through a flower garden and I took some spectacular pictures if I do say so myself.


Mum thought these leaves were cool.

Mum thought these leaves were cool.


We also looked at several random exhibits and I took pictures of pictures, Abe Lincoln’s hat, a guitar, a Totem pole, and a T-Rex scull.

DSCN1198   DSCN1200

DSCN1208    DSCN1229

DSCN1207   DSCN1226

My favorite exhibit was about ancient Egypt. They had a lot of mummies and artifacts that had been buried with the kings. It’s really fascinating to see those things and learn about the significance of them in that culture. I’m basically going to devote a separate post just to that, so that this one isn’t too long or dominated by the Mummies.

Here is a sample picture of how awesome Egypt was:

This is the case in which the mummy is preserved.


So after the Mummies, we looked at Rocks. They were pretty, but not particularly exciting.

DSCN1293  DSCN1296

DSCN1299  DSCN1302

DSCN1304  DSCN1305


We also went into the National Archive and looked at the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. We also saw the Magna Carta, which is super old. All of the documents were super faded and we weren’t allowed to take pictures. Thus I have no record of having been there so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Around 6:30 we went back to the car, and parked by the Pontiac River for a picnic. It was lovely and we fed Doritos to the birds.

Then we went home. You know it’s been a great day when your feet hurt and you crash into bed at the end of it, but you still feel content and happy.

Who else loves D.C.?



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  1. I was going to leave a comment about your first picture, but, you know, no one ever really wants to talk about that.

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