Are You my Mummy?

I went to D.C. on Tuesday.  See my last post for more of what I saw there. This post is about my favorite exhibit; ancient Egypt.

This culture was one of my favorites to learn about when I was in school. This particular exhibit focused on mummies and artifacts found in the tombs of kings.


This is the case in which the mummy is preserved.

This is the case in which the mummy is preserved.

This is the mummy.

This is the mummy.

The sign by this guy’s head reads: “Remove Brain and Organs. Insert a long hook up the nose to pull out brain tissue, and add oil of cedar to liquefy what is left. Cut the body open and remove organs – except for the heart. Dry the organs separately, and store them in canopic jars.” Yummy!

I kid you not – here is a picture to prove it.

T.M.I. gosh.

T.M.I. gosh.



In the bottom corner of this one are little tiny mummified crocodiles. There are also cats.



Seriously, there are dead bodies of dead kings from centuries ago in glass displays for millions of people to stare at. It somehow seems dishonoring.




This is what the mummy would look like if he was inside the case thing. Much prettier, no?



They mummified a bull’s head… It’s terrifying.

DSCN1277 DSCN1278

These are some of the decorations and masks.


I think this was one of my favorite displays.


This is the inscription on Idu’s tomb in Giza c. 2200 B.C.

I said and repeated good things

I said what was just

I did what was just.

I gave bread to the hungry

Clothing the naked

I was respectful to my father

I was kind to my mother

I never said anything evil

Unjust or malicious to anyone

Because I desired a good character

So that I would be honored by the god

And by people forever

It’s fascinating to read this and know that people have the same basic desires and values throughout the ages and across cultures.

So these are the mummies which I looked at. What did you do this week?


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