A Concerned Rubber Ducky

My writing prompt was open to page 29 of the nearest book and Google the first word you see. Use one of the images as writing inspiration for a letter.

My word was “Confines.”

This was my image:


Dear Mr. President,

I am a rubber duck and I am confined in a cupboard.  Every day for about an hour I am roughly handled, chewed on, squished, and nearly drowned. At all other times I am locked up in a dark, moldy place with only the rubber shark and a bottle of bubbles for company.

This situation is not unique to me. All over the United States and the World, millions of rubber ducks are treated similarly or worse.  Statistics show that 20% are crushed by garbage trucks. 37% are attacked and torn asunder by vicious dogs. 53% are stepped on by large adults on a weekly basis, and a shocking 87% of all rubber ducks are brutally bitten by small children. Currently there are no free rubber ducks. This is unacceptable.

I am writing to you with a petition for the freedom and equal rights of rubber ducks everywhere.  We’re tired of feeling washed up and yellow. We want to fight for our rights even if we have to squeak ‘til our squeakers stop squeaking.

The time has come to stop buying and selling us as if we were mere toys. This is fowl play and really  gets me down in the mouth every time I think about it. Which is all the time, except one hour a day when I’m almost dying. The time is now to release us from the confines of our watery prisons and release us to the wild, where we belong.

So waddle you do about this? Will you just sit there in your office chair and get all quacked up by our miserabill plight? Or will you get your feathers ruffled and do sometime about it?

I’m asking you to write a bill which will do three things:

    1. Outlaw the buying and selling of rubber ducks
    2. Release all rubber ducks from captivity and grant us equal rights with real ducks.
    3. Give us integration courses, which will teach us how to survive in the wild.

Thank you for your consideration. Please get up at the quack of dawn to address this squishing issue.

I hope your day is going swimmingly.


A Concerned Rubber Duck.


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