First Post

One of my goals for the summer is to start a blog. So here goes…

I have lots of ideas for this blog and I couldn’t decide on one niche to focus on so I’m just going to write about what ever the heck tickles my fancy and y’all can deal. I love a lot of things and I wonder about many more things and I am passionate about things and things are cool and vague too. So keep reading to discover what, exactly, these “things” are! This is why I called my blog “Aesthetic Eclecticism.” It will consist of a broad spectrum of beautiful things ranging anywhere from music recommendations to adorable pictures of my kitten to deep musings about life and love and why.

The first “thing” that I want to tell you about is, perhaps, the beautiful-est and most important part of my life. I am known and loved by the God of the universe in spite of how screwed up I am.

Secondly, listen to Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend.

Thirdly, check out this cat. His name is Tater. He’s a prince.



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